Major Differences Between Microsoft Excel Online and Google Sheets

Scores of professional organizations bank on several browser-based spreadsheet apps, but Microsoft Excel Online and Google Spreadsheets are well known for their great performance in the world of software. Google Spreadsheets is part of G-suite while Excel Online is part of the Microsoft Office 365 module. Microsoft Office comes with a wide range of professional programs such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. MS Office offers you all the great features but some of its features are limited. Microsoft has been widely popular for Excel Online.

Before making a comparison between both Excel Online and Google Sheets, you must know what Excel Office is capable of doing. What you need is to understand the ins and outs of both software before comparing them with one another. Google Sheets is well known for its remarkable performance and has been helpful in executing tasks in an efficient manner. If you ever had to decide about choosing one between Excel Online and Google Sheets, you can be in two minds. Here are some ideas below that will let you compare both of them with one another.

Align text

With the help of Excel online, you can easily do multiple things with words and fonts. You can easily align your text in both horizontal or vertical manner. Indenting and automatically wrapping the text is possible in Excel Online. You can use the same features of aligning and wrapping text in Google Sheets, indenting in a table cell is not possible in it. Several users in need of some advanced features like sloping and drawn-in texts in a table may opt for Sheets.

Insert Image

If you want to upload images from your local computer’s hard drive in Excel Online, the image is generally placed in front of cells, you can scale and rotate the image in such a situation. In Google Sheets, you can choose to insert images into a cell or in front of it. You have various options to insert images into sheets by using different sources. It simply means that you can upload images from either Google Drive, Google Photos, embedded pictures from URL, and a photo taken directly from a webcam. Google Sheets includes an option to scale images in sheets but doesn’t contain the option to rotate an image. If you are working with images, Google Sheets is a better option to pick. With the help of Excel Online, you can insert images from your local computer’s hard drive, but with the help of Google Sheets, it is very easy to insert images from various sources like Google Drive and Google Photos.

Inserting shapes

When it comes to inserting shapes, many often do this in Excel Online. Inserting shapes, lines, and arrows in Excel Online is quite easy. You can customize Excel spreadsheets by choosing a wide range of colorful templates but Excel disappoints you when it comes to customizing color and placing texts in your chosen shapes.

Google Sheets make it easy to completely customize color, insert shapes, lines, and arrows. You can do it in less than no time through the integrated menu item known as Drawings. combining shapes and images with each other, and inserting texts into shapes are the great features Google Sheets includes. With its extended features, Google Sheets provide a great user experience.


When it comes to a diagram, Excel provides you with options to adjust labels, positioning, and gridlines, but Excel disappoints you because Excel doesn’t offer the option to adjust colors. Google Sheets give you the same diagram types but it gives you more options in comparison with Excel. You can download the diagram in the required format and publish them as links.


It is easy to activate filters for tables in Excel Online. You can operate it with the help of drop-down and checkboxes. You can use the same features in Google Sheets but with additional functions of data cut and slicer. You can drag and drop to filter the selected portion. If you have been an experienced user of both Excel Online and Google Sheets, you can simply tell the difference between both. There are a lot of questions arising as to which one provides more flexibility to users. The answer usually depends on the way we use something. Google Sheets has a relatively small number of users around the world but is prospering day by day. Google Sheets offers more flexibility to users in comparison with Excel Online.


The tool has been widely appreciated among project planners. If you have got a task that needs completion, the easiest way for you to mark if something is done is to check a box. The functionality is not available in Excel Online. Google Sheets has this functionality that takes it to a great level. Google Sheets includes a lot of useful features that are coming into people’s use in daily life. In Google Sheets, you can integrate checkboxes into spreadsheets via the menu tab “Insert”.

One more fight is won by Google Sheets, as Excel Online doesn’t have checkboxes.

Artificial intelligence

This is a great tool available in Excel Online. If you are making diagrams and don’t have an idea for all possible diagrams to use. You can easily choose the menu item named “Ideas” to give you the best suggestions for diagrams. This great feature is available in Google Sheets. It is named ‘Explore” in Google Sheets. It is a few steps ahead of Excel Online as it gives information and asks questions about your needs before offering you an idea about diagrams.

Mia Watson is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at Blogs Book, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.


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